What is Husbandry and Medical Training?

Husbandry and Medical Training have been standard in the modern Zoo world for years. Caretakers use positive reinforcement and marker training to train the animals in their care to cooperate in their own care. The possibilities are endless. Training an orang-utan to volunteer in teeth cleaning, tigers cooperate in blood draws and don’t have to be narcotized. Giraffes shift enclosures on cue, elephants offer their feet for nail care. These and many more training plans make life as an animal caretaker so much easier, and animals benefit from least-intrusive, low-stress handling, grooming, health-check-ups, etc.

Our pets, too, can be prepared with training for their routine care and vet-check-ups. For some animals even regular grooming and nail trimming is a very stressful interaction. Most dogs and cats experience massive stress and discomfort even with basic handling and examination at the vet office. They might need to be held very tight, lunch or cower in their transport kennel. In order to increase comfort and quality of life for our animals, we can train them to take part in their own care.

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