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When caring for an animal – working or family pet – health and well-being have first priority. Animal and care taker need a broad skill set for regular grooming (brushing, eye-, ear-, teeth-control, clipping or filing nails, trimming), health care visits at the vet (being touched and physically examined, auscultate, taking pulse and temperature, vaccinating, drawing blood, putting on bandages and much more) and the care in case of an illness or after an accident (administering pills, eye-, ear-drops, changing bandages, inhalation, etc.).
Especially when performed regularly, these tasks should be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The needed skills and desensitization can be trained step-by-step. Your animal learns to cooperate and take part voluntarily in their own care.
In our workshops we start with training the basics, working our way up to challenging husbandry and medical skills. To make your routine care and vet health check-ups as relaxed and low-stress as possible.

Our Training Center

At our Training Center in Sindelsdorf, Bavaria, we help you train challenging husbandry- and medical-situations with your animal, so the routine handling, brushing, nail trimming and vet visits can be low-stress for your animal and you.


Anja Ballwieser

Anja Ballwieser lives and breathes Animal Training.

She is a movie animal trainer, falconer and founded her animal training center in Sindelsdorf, Bavaria to do workshops for professional animal trainer. Families and their pets can learn about medical and husbandry training, as well as how to prepare their dog or cat for the arrival of a new human family member.

Anja is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT- KSA), certified dog trainer by the Veterinary Council Lower Saxony, certified TAGteacher Level 2, and she graduated Cat-Psychology-Studies at ATN Academy Switzerland. She is a proud member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers,  The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, the Berufsverband der Hundeerzieher und Verhaltensberater e.V., the Berufsverband der Tierverhaltensberater und – Trainer e.V. and the Deutschen Falkenorden e.V.

She keeps learning and continuing her international education regularly, and loves to connect with fellow animal trainer.

Beside her work, Anja volunteers for the German Retrieverclub (DRC).

For her, preparatory training, desensitization and management of the environment are crucial, to properly prepare animals for new challenges at work and at home. So they can live comfortably and work excellently.

Anja lives at the foothills of the Alps with her husband, their son, three dogs, two cats and chicken.


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